Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Who Moved My Chops?" Goes Mainline

From the Editor:

Hmm... Maybe I meant "mainstream" instead of "mainline". Anyway, up until now, my blog has centered around getting my chops back for the NMA Reunion. Now, with the reunion over and the next one a year away, "Who Moved My Chops?" will still be about getting my chops back and expanding my musical abilities, but now will chronicle my search for the perfect gig, the perfect student, etc. Along with that will come music and Navy news, reviews of CDs, concerts, local groups worthy of national recognition (yes, there are a few such groups in the Ozarks), sheet music, etc. Also, whatever meager philosophies I have and yahdee-yahdee-yah!

Yes, the fun never ends at "Who Moved My Chops?"

So check back often. There will usually be something new. Better yet, join FaceBook and request to be my friend: you'll receive a notification every time I post something new.

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