Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Yellow Roads of Texas

Can you spot the sign for the Doubletree Hotel? It's in there, you just have to look hard. I know it's difficult, but I'll bet you could do it if you felt like you were going to die of heat exhaustion. Man! San Antonio was hotter than a Cuban Salsa.

The trouble with the streets of San Antonio is --- well, look at that mess! It's even worse than it looks! The trouble with the streets there is that they all go one way --- the wrong way.

If you get off the freeway --- well, to begin with, you have to know where you are getting off beforehand. If you wait until you see, for instance, a Walmart, you've missed the exit you needed to take, and you can't get back there!!! You have to get off the freeway 2 or 3 miles down the road and the streets won't let you get back to where you wanted to go.

I am convinced that Texas roads are designed to make sure visitors never come back.

In the picture you can see the hotel and the roads. We were returning to the hotel and could see the hotel --- but we couldn't get there!! It was maddening! We finally got within 2 blocks of the Doubletree and could see the sign over the top of the Hobby Lobby which was more or less just across the street from the Doubletree --- or so we thought. We spent an additional 20 minutes or so going this way and that until we found our way back to the frontage road about half a mile from the hotel. And when we were leaving San Antonio, we could see the highway we were supposed to take... several times, but couldn't get there! We got on and off the highway several times in both directions, but still couldn't get there. Finally, we had to get off the highway, go 4 or 5 miles down the frontage row, turn around and get back on the highway in order to take the right exit.

I'm sure glad to be back home where there is only one road in and out of town.

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